(A Comprehensive Training Program in Aircraft Stress Analysis)



Course Description: This course differs from the traditional treatment of aircraft stress analysis by placing more emphasis on technical fundamentals and giving less treatment to the theoretical and derivative aspects of the subject. Emphasis is placed on the solution of actual aircraft structural designs so realistic that practicing engineers and designers can easily relate them to their own aircraft structural designs. Wherever possible, rather than using higher mathematics, calculating complicated formulas, or spending hours on tedious derivations, primary emphasis will be placed on the following: (1) structural methods and procedures, (2) application of stress formulas, (3) approximate sizing techniques, and (4) good detail design concepts and approaches.  This practical and progressive approach to stress analysis will be applied to the solution of “real world” structural engineering problems—the same methods and procedures that are used by professionals in this industry.  The course is intended to develop the student’s ability to make intelligent decisions on a well-informed basis, to analyze and study the structural behavior of new and existing designs, and to enhance his or her ability to develop producible hardware that is lightweight and cost-effective.

How You Will Benefit
  Achieve a level of technical competency in aircraft stress analysis required to analyze your own aircraft designs.
 Opportunity to learn the equivalency of “many years” of practical engineering experience.
  Master the principles and fundamentals of stress analysis.
  Learn the basics without enduring the rigors of formal academic training.
 Specially trained by industry experts.
  Demonstrate immediate on-the-job performance.
  Offer a systematic, hands-on approach to the solution of aircraft designs based on industry-proven methodologies.
  Increase your opportunities for advancement, job security, and realized independence.
  Receive your PSA Certificate for interim certification in aircraft stress analysis.

Who Should Enroll
Although this program presumes a bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent experience, entry-level engineers, engineers entering from other fields, and designers of experimental aircraft, prototypes, kitplanes and homebuilts will find the course material extremely beneficial.  Also, engineering students who want to go beyond mere academic training to those who can demonstrate immediate on-the-job performance.  This program offers engineering students a unique opportunity to enter the industry with the equivalency of years of practical engineering experience.

What You Will Learn
  Principles of Statics
  Design and Analysis of Axial and Bending Members
  Connection Analysis
  Shearing Stresses
  Shear and Tension Clip Supports
  Crippling of Compression Members
  Design and Analysis of Column Members
  Shear-Resistant Beams
  Cutouts and Hole Reinforcements

Why Distance Learning Is So Much Easier!
You start Immediately
No waiting for classes to form. Distance learning lets you study at home. Lessons are mailed to you as soon as we receive your completed registration form.

Set Your Own schedule
Study when and where it’s convenient for you. Instead of cramming for homework assignments and college exams, you review the materials when its convenient for your schedule. No need to take time from your family and responsibilities. No need to miss out on holidays, vacations and other special times. Your study schedule is completely flexible.

Send Assignments By Fax Or Mail
As soon as you finish your chapter assignments, fax or mail them to your instructor for immediate grading. You then go on to the next study lesson. There’s nothing to hold you back. You learn at your own pace.

Questions Answered By Industry Specialists
You get answers to your training questions from our staff of engineering specialists via fax or e-mail. Also, if you have a question or problem with anything in your lessons, our highly trained Customer Support Team is ready to help you in any way they can . . . so that you get immediate attention for your training needs!

“Open-Book” Exams
No late-night cramming. You take study skills tests with your books open . . . so you’re tested on what you know about the material, not on the material that you’ve memorized. You don’t go on to the next chapter material until you have mastered the previous principles learned—this means that you must score 70% or more on homework assignments and study skills tests submitted for grading. If you scored less than 70%, your grade may be changed to a passing grade in a repeat assignment.

Course: Distance-Learning Certificate Program in Aircraft Stress Analysis
Instructor: An instructor will be assigned to you prior to the start of class.
Textbook: Practical Stress Analysis for Design Engineers, Jean-Claude Flabel, Lake City Publishing Company, 1997
Course Tuition: U.S. enrollment tuition only $795; International enrollment tuition only $845. The tuition includes the textbook for each registered student at no additional cost. If you have previously purchased an advanced copy of the course textbook, you can deduct the purchase price of $98 from the course tuition. Interest-free financing is available with three payment plans to choose from.
Enrollment: Register today!  The program starts 2-3 weeks after you register.

Register as a group with five (5) or more students and receive a 10% discount.


Our goal is to produce a greater pool of competent, experienced engineers and designers who can meet the challenge of today’s technology.

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